Mobile App



In extreme sports, accidents can happen. My team and I created Guardian, an iOS app that detects accidents and avoids injury complications due to delayed help. Guardian keeps track of the user. It tracks their activity and location, then notifies the user’s loved ones if there's an accident. My role as the UX Designer and supporting UI Designer was to establish the flow of the app, work on the app design, and create the Guardian website.

  • Team Role

    UX / UI Designer

  • Project Type

    HackNC Mobile App

  • Duration

    24 hrs



For Guardian, it was very important to identify the main functionality of the app and the scope of the project. We decided to focus on biking, hiking, rock climbing, and snowboarding as the main sports but also added the capability for the user to add a custom sports. Using the gyroscope and accelerometer, Guardian measures the impact of fall and determines the severity based on the sport’s impact threshold. This impact threshold is set lower for easier trails/hikes/slopes and higher for harder trails. We added this feature since the impact threshold also depends on the user’s ability and preferences.

Emergency alert system

If there is an impact over the threshold, the battery power gets too low, or the user leaves the expected area, Guardian will detect it. The light flashes quickly, an alarm starts going off, and an alert pops up asking the user if he is okay. If there is no response in pre-determined time, Guardian will automatically dial 911 and send messages to the preset emergency contacts. We also created a website where the user’s emergency contacts where the person is on a map and if they have been in an accident.



This was the final design of the App. Guardian went on to win first place at HackNC.