State Guide



Many state websites try to meet the needs of several user groups at once. This can cause confusion and overwhelm the user with unnecessary or irrelevant information. This project’s objective was to focus on a specific user group and rethink and design the user experience of a state mobile app.

  • Role

    UX / UI Designer

  • Project Type

    App design

  • Duration

    3 Weeks



After evaluating current state websites, I identified three main users: tourist / visitor, business and residents. I decided to focus on the tourist who searches to explore Hawaii. I conducted interviews and observed common themes that the user found important to know when visiting a new location. Below is an empathy map of some of the key points of the tourist user group. It was important to create a flow diagram as a starting point for the design. It allowed me to establish, based on my research, what information must be presented in the mobile app. From this flow diagram, I created wireframes for a specific flow. I conducted usability testing before designing the final app.

Flow Diagram and Wireframes
Design Inspiration

I created a mood board for the interface design that reflected the state’s identity. This mood board helped me define the color scheme, image treatment and overall design of the interface.



The final design shows the tourist user flow of finding out what events are happening during specific dates. It was important for the interface to be simple and only show the most relevant information. Also, the design was to reflect professionalism and the state’s essence.