Social networks have allowed users to share their creations and even inspire others. Many times I have been inspired to create something new or try a new hobby I had never considered before. It can be overwhelming to decide on a new hobby to undertake and to understand what it entails. I conceptualized a hobby app that would allow users to choose a new hobby and learn about it. Below is a simple interactive prototype of a single section: suggesting a hobby based on the user’s choices.

  • Role

    Designer/ Developer

  • Project Type

    Proof of Concept

  • Duration

    1 Month



I began by analyzing the decision making process for pursuing a new hobby. I created a flow diagram of the thinking process and the questions that may arise throughout this process. It was important to incorporate possible answers for these questions. These answers helped me narrow down the functionality of the app.

Wireframes and User Flow

WBased on the user flow created in the previous stage, I created wireframes for the app. The user can browse through images for inspiration or use tags to obtain suggestions on a new hobby. After choosing a hobby, the user can learn about the hobby and what it entails. He or she can also view what materials are necessary and where they can be purchased. If they need help in creating something new, the app shows different resources that can be of use. The app also allows the user to share what they have created and follow other users.