My team and I, Jam + Yarrow, worked with Roche Diagnostics to conceptualize a digital product that can empower people living with cancer to take charge of their treatment and care. While there are many products in the health-care sector, few focus on the challenges faced by people living with cancer. Our ultimate goal was to create a personalized experience that would allow users to understand and take control of their health. Learn more...

  • Team Role

    Project Lead and UX Designer

  • Project Type

    CMU Capstone Project

  • Duration

    8 Months



We conducted extensive primary and secondary research to gain a better understand of the challenges faced by cancer patients. From our research, we identified four main insights that would drive our design and final prototype. Our iterative design process consisted in multiple rounds of prototyping and usability testing. As the Project Lead and supporting UX Designer, my responsibility was to ensure that the work delivered was of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner.