Happiness, is becoming friends with people on the other side of the globe. Happiness, is learning a new culture right on your phone. Happiness, is discovering the world through fun challenges. This project was inspired by the idea of happiness. My team and I conceptualized what is what brings happiness to people. Creating friendships with others, no matter where they are from or what their culture is, is one of the main factors of happiness for any person.

  • Team Role

    Designer/ Motion Graphics

  • Project Type

    iOS App

  • Duration

    15 Days



Kushi’s purpose is to promote happiness by learning from others and creating bonds across the globe. My team and I created Kushi so to allow users from around the world to send and receive challenges that allows them to learn about other’s culture and teach about their own. There are picture and video challenges where user’s respond to a prompt and answer accordingly to their challenge choice (ex, what is your favorite traditional dessert?). By answering challenges users can earn badges and compete with their friends.



Along with the app, we created a website that explains the functionality and purpose of Kushi. We also created a concept video that of what Kushi is and how fulfills the purpose of bringing happiness by connecting users across the world.