Data Visualization



Every FIFA World Cup, soccer enthusiast predict and bet on the game winners. The objective of this project was to visualize the data of these 64 games and predictions made by four people. Each line of four colored circles represent one game and each color identifies one person. If the person’s winner prediction is the same as the actual game winner the circle is filled. The D3 library was used to make this visualization possible. Below is the concept result - hover over each row to see the information.

  • Team Role

    Designer / Developer

  • Project Type


  • Duration

    3 Weeks



The data for this project is based on the predictions made by my family. For D3, it was important to structure the data in the correct format. I obtained each game’s information from the FIFA World Cup website and then organized each person’s predictions for each game. A value of 1 or 0 was assigned if the prediction was right or wrong. This number would indicative how the circle should be stylized to represent such prediction.



I decided to design some mobile screens around this visualization. The idea of an app that would allow users to vote for who they think will be the match’s winner and view the results of their predictions against other users.