Quote it

Podcast App



QuoteIt allows users to quickly capture their favorite quotes from their podcasts and share them with their friends. It all starts by the user listening to a podcast they are subscribed to. When the user hears something interesting or inspirational he can then save such clip. QuoteIt transcribes the audio to text. The user then has the ability to customize the text and share it across their social network.

  • Team Role

    UX / UI Designer

  • Project Type

    iOS Mobile App / 24 hrs

  • Team

    Landon Paik, Matthew Bolaños



My team and I began by quickly sketching out the app interface. We conducted quick rounds of usability testing before moving on to more defined wireframes. These wireframes would later be the base of the final interface design.

Design Identity

We also developed the identity of QuoteIt. Several logo iterations were made before determining the best one for the app. The logo was what drove the visual design of the app. It reflected a fun and personalized look for the interface.